How do I find Copywriting Clients? Easy Ways to get Copywriting Clients!

If you’re just starting out on your copywriting a career journey, you’ll be wondering the way to get your first copywriting client. Copywriting may be a rewarding yet  challenging career, and it is often difficult for freelance writers to determine themselves and source clients. Below we outline effective tips to assist you land your first Copywriting client.

1. Fine tune your Copywriting services.

While it’s tempting to not limits the type of labor you offer, if you contact a possible client and your services seem too general and broad, you’ll be rejected for appearing to lack specialist knowledge. Spend a while brooding about your interests and develop copywriting a niche. Developing a distinct segment and fine-a tuning the services your offer will enable you to focus exclusively on a particular market, and position yourself as a specialist, instead of a Copywriting lacking experience.

2. Dedicate time to research

After choosing a distinct segment, spend a time researching into that specific market and make an inventory of companies you’d wish to work with. Remember to think realistically about your own earning goals, and a target those businesses who have the allowed your services. Also, it’s not only enough together basic information on a corporation, an attempt to really understand and have an interaction with how the corporate currently creates and distributes content. Follow the corporation on social media and check out to a spot where their content comes from, is it from one a particular employee or does the corporation use freelance Copywriters? 

3. Get yourself noticed with social media

As we live in an increasingly digital age, having a lively and interesting online presence are often excellent thanks to find and connect with potential copywriting clients. Social media accounts, like LinkedIn, are often won’t to a source job opportunities and suggests your skills as a contract Copywriter. A top tip for using social media to secure your first client is to direct a message private or a brand once you see an employment opportunity advertised, instead of commenting or replying to the post which can stray amongst other replies. When a direct messaging a client, however, it’s important to a recollect to starts to creates a relationship with them, not just bluntly offer your Copywriting services.

4. Make connections and network

As above, social media may be a good way to create relationships with fellow industry professionals who can open up new opportunities for locating your first Copywriting Clients.
But you need to also believe attending industry events, whether face to face or online, to satisfy other copywriters and corporations requiring copywriting services. Engaging yourself within the copywriting world will assist you source client leads and help your name to become more recognizable and trusted within the industry.
Finding conferences or exhibitions relevant to your niche are often an excellent thanks to meet and network with potential clients.

5. Showcase your expertise with a blog

While social media may be a great platform for engaging with brands, it’s fairly limiting in terms of showcasing your writing capabilities. Creating and running your own blog supported the industry you’re hoping to secure a client in not only showcases your Copywriting abilities but your industry expertise. As a start line, see what similar blog posts are already available on the web and check out to supply better content. Establish what keywords you would like to focus on and check out to optimize your blog posts to those keywords so potential clients can find you.

6. Chase leads and reach out to clients

Based on your social media activity and any networking you’ve got been ready to do, finalize an inventory of the highest companies who you are feeling would require your writing services.

Don’t just send a boilerplate message bent each name on your list, carefully craft a singular message for every company and explain why you think you’d be suited to figure with them. Where possible send the message to the individual or department involved in hiring writers as this prevents your message from getting lost with general enquiries. And don’t forget to chase it up!

7. Apply to a copywriting service

While you wait to secure your first Copywriting client independently, applying to a top quality copywriting service, like Codify, will offer you access to multiple writing opportunities. As Codify delivers professional writing services for a broad spectrum of companies , applying to be a writer can help build your portfolio and prove your copywriting skills while you await the proper independent client.

8. Don’t give up!

If a possible client doesn’t instantly reply and your blog isn’t getting a high amount of traffic, don’t despair and most significantly , don’t hand over . It can take time to create your reputation as a copywriter and you ought to always have faith in your writing capabilities. Take the time while you wait to perfect your portfolio and continue building your blog and social media presence. For more information on the way to build a killer portfolio, read our blog post here.

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