What is SSL Certificate?

 What is SSL Certificate?

SSL certificates are what enable websites to maneuver from HTTP to HTTPS, which is safer . An SSL certificate may be a file hosted during a website’s origin server. SSL certificates make SSL/TLS encryption possible, and that they contain the website’s public key and therefore the website’s identity, along side related information.

Devices attempting to speak with the origin server will reference this file to get the general public key and verify the server’s identity. The private key’s kept secret and secure.

What is SSL?

SSL, more commonly called TLS, may be a protocol for encrypting Internet traffic and verifying server identity. Any website with an HTTPS web address uses SSL/TLS. See what’s SSL? and what’s TLS? to find out more.

What information does an SSL certificate contain?

SSL certificates include:

  • The domain name that the certificate was issued for
  • Which person, organization, or device it was issued to
  • Which certificate authority issued it
  • The certificate authority’s digital signature
  • Associated subdomains
  • Issue date of the certificate
  • Expiration date of the certificate
  • The public key (the private key is kept secret)

The public and personal keys used for SSL are essentially long strings of characters used for encrypting and decrypting data. Data encrypted with the general public key can only be decrypted with the private key, and the other way around .

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