Why SSL Certificate is Important? Does Having an SSL Certificate Improve SEO?

SSL Certificates Affect Your SEO Ranking in a variety of ways!

You already know that you need to have an SSL certificate for security purposes, but did you know that SSL also improves SEO?

It’s true.

Just installing SSL can give you a boost, but SSL is also a requirement for other optimizations like Accelerated Mobile Pages and HTTP.

Let’s take a closer look.

HTTPS is a Search Ranking Signal

When you purchase an SSL certificate, you want to configure your entire website for HTTPS as against just the areas that need it for data security purposes. There are a few of reasons for this, not the smallest amount of which is that it helps with user privacy by blocking third parties from seeing what pages they’re viewing. except for the sake of this conversation, serving your entire website over HTTPS  improves your SEO ranking too.

Back in 2014, Google announced that it had been adding HTTPS as a SEO ranking signal. Since then the importance of that signal has only expand because the web huge has pushed for universal encryption. A few experts estimate the signal can provide up to a 5% boost.

But only the pages served over HTTPS get credit. And not just the page, but any assets or third-party platforms related to the page got to be served over HTTPS also.

Other Optimizations that Require SSL Certificate

In increase to providing a lift only for being installed accurately, SSL Certificate also enables you to optimize your search ranking potential in other ways too. As you documented , at now Google isn’t trying to find pages with many keywords stuffed into it or many back-links there to – those are important, but they aren’t what makes or breaks Search Engine Optimization anymore – what Google wants may be a page that returns the foremost helpful, relevant result for specific search queries made on mobile phones.

That means an enormous a part of Search Engine Optimization nowadays is mobile performance. Enter Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Did you recognize that you simply can’t make pages AMP-ready if they’re not encrypted?

You have to possess SSL Certificate to require advantage of Accelerated Mobile Pages.

The same are often said for HTTP/2. once more , performance may be a major ranking factor and HTTP/2, the successor to HTTP, offers vastly improved performance over its predecessor.

Let’s Wrap This Up 

There’s not an entire lot more to mention . In 2021, the browser community has stopped asking and is now more-or-less requiring that websites use SSL Certificate. They’re adding negative indicators and penalizing where they will to urge the online to encrypt.

But beyond the safety aspects and browser compliance, SSL Certificate are often a boon to SEO Ranking. And as longer passes and more and more sites adopt SSL Certificate, the pendulum will eventually swing the opposite direction to where not having SSL Certificate will become a competitive disadvantage.

To migrate to HTTPS now, leverage the Search Engine Optimization benefits of SSL Certificate while they’re still those benefits.

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